Toda la belleza de la naturaleza en tu hogar con el banco Dorian de madera de parota y acero al carbono

All the beauty of nature in your home with the Dorian bench made of parota wood and carbon steel

Are you looking for a bench to sit on that is beautiful and functional? We can help you.

Recently, a client asked us to create a bench with a somewhat simple but attractive design. We use solid Parota wood for the legs, which gives it a natural and sturdy look.

In addition, the legs are firmly joined with a carbon steel hearth ring with matte black baked electrostatic paint, which makes it very resistant and durable.

The bench seat is also made of Parota wood, with Ayacahuite interspersed that give it a touch of unique texture and design. Finally, we apply a matte finish with Rubio Monocoat to give it a modern and elegant look.

The end result was a beautiful and functional bench that our client loved. If you are looking for a sitting bench that is durable, attractive and functional

Feel free to contact us to discuss your needs and create a perfect bench for you. With our experience and skill in working with wood and carbon steel, we can create the bench of your dreams.

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