El comedor amazonas:  perfecto, elegante, funcionalidad y estética natural con madera de Parota y diseño de Black River

The Amazon dining room: perfect, elegant, functionality and natural aesthetics with Parota wood and Black River design

A client and her husband were looking for a new dining room for their home. They wanted something stylish and functional, but they also wanted it to have a natural aesthetic. After searching through many furniture stores, they finally found a dining room with a "Black River" design that they loved.

The client was impressed by the beauty and durability of the Parota wood, and they also liked the matte finish with Rubio Monocoat that added a touch of elegance.

The Parota wood in the dining room was stunning and the river-shaped black epoxy resin added an organic touch.

The carbon steel base with matte black baked electrostatic paint with leveling glides gave it the necessary stability.

Since then, the dining room has been the focal point of your home . Guests always comment on how beautiful the river pattern is, and Ana and her husband appreciate the stain and moisture resistance that Parota wood provides.

For them, the dining room is much more than just a piece of furniture, it is a unique piece that reflects their love for nature and quality.

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