Diseñando la puerta perfecta: Detalles y combinación de maderas para una pieza única y duradera

Designing the perfect door: Details and combination of wood for a unique and durable piece

Creating a door may seem like a simple job, but the design and details can make all the difference.

Our client asked us for a door with a simple but curious design, and we got to work to create a piece that met their expectations.

To do this, we use a plank frame and Parota board staves, a wood known for its beauty and natural resistance.

Additionally, we included Ayacahuite wood inserts to give it a unique touch and add a little texture. Finally, we apply a matte finish with Rubio Monocoat to give it a modern and elegant look.

The end result was a door that met the client's expectations and they loved it. The simple but curious design gave it a touch of originality and the combination of woods gave it a unique look.

The durability of the Parota and the resistance of the Ayacahuite ensure that this door will be a lasting piece in the client's home.

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